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Hi Brewers and Brew Pubs!

We’re here to help beer enthusiasts celebrate great brewers, beers and brew pubs through beer themed merchandise. Become a partner for FREE!


This is how Hoppy Shops work:

1. We create a shop for a brewery or brew pub (a "shop" is a place where all merchandise will be showcased for fans and the general beer loving public to see). We’ll upload all sorts of info about the business: description, links, location, etc. to give customers a feel for who the business is.

2. Our designers can create artwork or a business representative sends us the artwork / graphic they want to have on merchandise that is sold through

3. We contact the business to discuss how they want us to use the artwork (e.g. logo on the front, artwork on the back) and merchandise options (t-shirt color, hat color/patterns, etc.), then we create the products according to specs to showcase in the shop.

4. We promote the listed merchandise and shoppers come to to shop and buy. We process orders, ship the goods and deal with returns.

5. The business earns a portion of the profit for each item sold in their shop. They keep the money or donate it the charity of their choice.

6. We make it easy for the business to embed their shop on their own Website to serve as their very own FREE e-commerce and Facebook store solution.

7. We do all the hard work: saving businesses the time, money and headache to produce, warehouse advertise and manage an unlimited amount of designs and merchendise variations.


A bit more detail…

We work with a network of trusted affiliated marketers, designers and product suppliers to bring our partner businesses and their fans the best merchandise to purchase. We don't produce merchandise until it's bought, so our partners are free to have unlimited designs in their shop without any overhead. Our strategy is to produce merchandise to sell through However, if our partners are in need of merchandise for their physical location, we have special bulk order pricing.


Top 4 Reasons to Become A Partner!

1. We make it easy for fans and new customers to discover merchandise.

2. Hoppy Shops provides excellent FREE advertizing.

3. Our partners earn money when their products are purchased!

4. It's FREE to participate!


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